Week of April 20


Attacks of any sort leave a mark. Whether you've experienced a physical, emotional, or verbal attack, it's easy to get stuck in the attitude of being a victim.

See the story unfold of a woman who was assaulted in her home. and also hear from the man who attacked her.

At Lifetree Cafe, we'll respect your pain and give you hope to pick up the pieces and move on with life.


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  • — Any claim that it is impossible to resist committing a premeditated attack is pure baloney. by Jerry Goerz on April 11, 2014

  • — this should be interesting by jadean on April 17, 2014

  • — I am so thankful that I checked my e-mail and watched this video. I have been very ill for two weeks and missed it on the e-mails. Have only gone so far down the list each day because of illness and would have missed this one.
    I usually check the site every week and look ahead to view what is coming next. I am so glad that I did so I am able to warn someone of the fact that the info. in this video might be devastating for them and will give them a "heads up" on it.

    It is one that "speaks volumes" to me as a result of something that took place to a personal family member of my family and I know of another from our church that unfortunately had almost exactly the same situation in happen also. This will allow me the time to tell them to view the video session preview and then decide to make a decision about how they feel.

    The videos are all so striking, real, and deal with many situations that people have in their lives that most people would not be aware of but are important to show and if someone needs help because of the content then we will be able to put them in contact with a vetted counselor.

    We are launching our first session here in Waterloo on the 29th. Love and thanks to all of you. Keep us in your prayers. We feel God has given us a valuable tool in this program for our church and community. Bless you all, Mary by Mary Kaiser on April 19, 2014

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