Lifetree Café Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Lifetree Café is a one-hour, video-based, host-led experience that you deliver each week. We provide you with a turnkey ministry resource that includes the video content, hosting materials, participant printables, and promotional materials.

With each month’s subscription, you will have access to the current month episodes, as well as the following month for planning purposes. The video portion of each episode is streaming only—not available for download. Yet the leader script (Recipe), promotional materials, and other resources are downloadable.

To see the program schedule, CLICK HERE.

How much does it cost?

Lifetree Café content can be accessed through a monthly subscription. Price is based upon the average weekly attendance at your church. With each payment, 30 days of access is granted.

100 or fewer– $80 per month

101 to 500– $150 per month

501 or more– $200 per month

Each subscription is intended for the sole use of the church, or the single organization that purchased the subscription, and cannot be shared with other churches or organizations.

What’s included in a monthly subscription?

Purchase of a Lifetree Café subscription (renews monthly) provides you 30 days of access to one month of content, including:

  • One episode for each week of the month (streaming video)
  • The corresponding leader script (Recipe)
  • Weekly promotional materials, including video trailers, social media posts, graphics, press releases, and participant handouts (if needed)
  • A monthly promotional flyer featuring all four episodes for the month
  • Training videos

To start your monthly subscription, CLICK HERE.

How does the subscription work?

Activating your subscription will provide 30 days of access to Lifetree Café programs. Your subscription will renew on the same day each month moving forward. There is no annual contract, and you’re free to cancel at any time. You can also restart your subscription at any point throughout the year.

When and where should I host Lifetree Cafe?

Lifetree content is flexible and easily adaptable for the needs of your church and as an outreach ministry. It works well for a Sunday morning Bible study in a church classroom, or a Wednesday night small group at someone’s home.

At the same time, Lifetree Cafe can be used as a tool to invite members of your community to join in weekly conversations about life, faith, and God.

We recommend people sit in groups of four to allow ample time for sharing. Larger groups will have a difficult time finding time for every person to share.

Do I need a large team of people to host a Lifetree Café experience?

No. The main component that will help make your Lifetree Café experience most effective is a host/leader. This is the person who will review the leader script (Recipe) and facilitate the hour-long experience. You may also want to ask a volunteer to help pass out participant materials during the Lifetree hour.

Is Lifetree Café for discipleship or for outreach?


Lifetree Café provides you a unique and powerful ministry that will grow the faith of the already faithful while also providing interesting topics and positive experiences that attract people in your community—both churched and unchurched.

Lifetree Café serves as a training ground for the practice of discipleship. By creating an atmosphere that encourages openness, this unique ministry produces the fertile soil needed for your people to practice engaging in meaningful spiritual conversations.

At the same time, Lifetree Café provides a tool to reach people who resist coming to a regular church service. By hosting Lifetree Café episodes and opening them up to the community, you’ll attract people who are eager to join in the conversations about life, faith, and God.

How do I access Lifetree Café content?

Lifetree Café weekly programs are available to stream via your internet browser.

For a step-by-step guide on how to access content, CLICK HERE.

To play and host a Lifetree Café episode simply access the online video, and then follow the prompts in the corresponding leader script (Recipe).

Do I need internet access?

Yes. Because each program is delivered via online streaming, it is important to have internet access when hosting Lifetree Café.

For a free internet access troubleshooting guide, CLICK HERE.

I'm having difficulty streaming Lifetree Café programs

If you are having difficulty streaming Lifetree Café programs, please download our streaming guide containing best practices for streaming and ideas to test and boost your internet signal.

Download Streaming Guide

Who can use my Lifetree Café subscription?

Lifetree Café subscriptions are sold on a per-church/organization, single-campus basis, meaning your entire church/organization has permission, and should be encouraged to access Lifetree Café content.

However, the subscription and related materials cannot be shared with multiple campuses, other churches, or other organizations.

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