I’m ready! How do I get started?

Step 1 – Order your Lifetree Café Starter Kit ($29)

The Lifetree Café Starter Kit provides the time-proven process for successfully launching your Lifetree Café. Every new Lifetree branch needs to purchase and download the Starter Kit. (This is a one-time purchase and available online or as a PDF.)

The Lifetree Café Starter Kit will guide you through the process of:

  • Choosing a location
  • Determining a day and time to host your Lifetree sessions
  • Sharing the Lifetree vision with others
  • Promoting your Lifetree Café in the community
  • Inviting and training volunteers to help
  • Hosting a Lifetree Café session
  • Plus you’ll get more “how to’s,” best practices, and a practice Lifetree Café program.

Step 2 – Subscribe to the Lifetree Café Content ($80-$200 per mo.)

Subscription price based on avg. weekend attendance

  • 100 or less – $80 per month
  • 101-500 – $150 per month
  • 501 or more – $200 per month

A subscription to Lifetree Café Content Resources provides you monthly access to all the materials you’ll need to host and promote your Lifetree Café on a weekly basis. Your subscription price is based on the average weekend attendance of your church and includes: Promotional Marketing Materials, Host Recipes, Handouts, and Full MP4 Video Files for each program.

Lifetree Café Promotional Marketing Resources are available a full month before a program is scheduled to air and include Fliers, Posters, Video Trailers, Print Ads, Press Releases, Episode Graphics, Sample Social Media Posts, Handouts for each program, and much more…

Download a sample of the Monthly Promotional Marketing Materials HERE.

Weekly Program Files contain everything you need to host the Lifetree Café program, including an MP4 File containing the full program, the Host Recipe to lead the program, and Handouts used during episodes.

New Lifetree Café branches can start a subscription any day of the month. Activating your subscription will provide 30 days of access to Lifetree Café content. Your subscription will renew on the same day each month moving forward. There is no annual contract, and you’re free to cancel at any time. You can also restart your subscription at any point throughout the year.

Please read the following terms and conditions (Click Here).

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