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The Lifetree Café Member’s Area is your place for everything you need to launch, maintain, and grow your Lifetree Café ministry.

To download Lifetree programming materials including the video episodes, recipes, handouts and marketing materials, click on the Lifetree Café Streaming Platform  button below.

If you’re a brand new Lifetree Café, welcome to the family! You’re now part of an exciting ministry that’s changing lives from coast-to-coast every week. To access your Lifetree launch resources, click on the STARTER PACK link below.

To find guides on how to access the streaming platform and monthly marketing materials including trailers, recipes, handouts and flyers, click on the Lifetree Café Content Resources  button below.

For additional Lifetree Café branch resources including comment cards and branding resources, click on the ADDITIONAL RESOURCES button below.

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