Budget-Friendly Subscription Options

A subscription to Lifetree Café provides you monthly access to all the materials you’ll need to host and promote your Lifetree Café on a weekly basis. Your entire church or organization can share a single subscription.* Perfect for community outreach, small groups, youth groups, and adult Sunday school.

Monthly subscription includes: access to 4-weeks of programs at all times, promotional materials, leader scripts, and any additional handouts.

Pricing is based upon the average weekly attendance at your church.

100 or fewer: $80 per month

101 to 500: $150 per month

501 or more: $200 per month

Subscription automatically renews monthly. No contract—cancel at any time.

*Each subscription is intended for the sole use of the church, or the single organization that purchased the subscription, and cannot be shared with other churches or organizations.

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