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Lifetree Café provides you with a proven ministry that helps grow the faith of the already faithful, while also reaching the unreached in your community in a fresh, new way. Utilizing the power of relationship, Lifetree Café will help equip your ministry with the tools to inspire people and feed their souls one hour of conversation at a time.

What’s the Mission of Lifetree Café?

Lifetree Café’s mission is simple: to help people grow in relationship with Jesus. We do this by fostering a community where believers and not-yet believers can come together and experience firsthand the unconditional love, grace, and acceptance that God has to offer.

With Lifetree Café, you’ll strengthen and develop the faith of the faithful.

Lifetree Café serves as a training ground for the practice of discipleship. By creating an atmosphere encouraging openness, this unique ministry produces the fertile soil needed for your people to practice engaging in meaningful spiritual conversations, surrounding topics they face in everyday life.

With Lifetree Café, you’ll do outreach.

People who resist coming to a regular church service come to Lifetree Café week after week, eager to join in the conversation about life, faith, and God.

And everyone grows closer to God.

Through guided conversation, biblical insights, compelling stories on film, and friendship-building experiences, God’s love shines bright at Lifetree Café.

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