Setting the Table for Deep Conversations

Lifetree Café was created to help people of all walks of faith, those churched and unchurched, grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus, while also growing closer to each other. Each program is intentionally built with time-tested elements that will lead your group into deep conversations while experiencing God in a fresh, new way. Delivered to you one episode for each week of the year for optimal relationship growth (See a full list of upcoming programs).

Each Lifetree Café program features:

  • Real Stories

    Actual people’s true-life stories shared on film, in their own words

  • Relationship Building

    Befriending questions designed to prime the pump for conversation

  • Spiritual Growth

    Deep discussion questions to wrestle with as a small or large group

  • God’s Truth

    Scripture, prayer, and Biblical insight designed to reveal God’s heart

Grow Relationships in Your Church and Community

Lifetree Café’s flexible format and relevant topics make it ideal to use in a wide variety of settings including:

Community Outreach


Small Groups

Chair Shot

Youth Groups


Adult Sunday School

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